Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cow Tunnels of Manhattan

I monitor a lot of design and architecture blogs, and one of them, 99% Invisible rarely disappoints. This week is no exception. Episode 115 is about the cow tunnels of New York City that were used by the Pennsylvania Railroad between 34th and 39th Streets with an entrance at Pier 78. (This is dangerously close to my modeling area for the PoNY.)

The idea of modeling such infrastructure is more than intriguing. I enjoy thinking about how to model such underground features effectively. Maybe someday I'll give it a go.

Have a listen to the podcast while reading the story of yet another 'lost' piece of infrastructure that is gaining recognition as the NYC High Line did that runs through the meatpacking district. Although, I don't think it will become a tourist attraction like the High Line did, because much of it has probably been destroyed by new construction.


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