Saturday, December 24, 2011

Domino legs

Last operating session was at David Barrow's version 16 Lubbock layout. I operated Slaton Yard just east of Lubbock. Work flow was very well balanced, and I was able to complete my pulls from the south side of the track before the first interloper entered my yard.

After my first connection, I was free to place my spots and organize the yard for the rest of the connections for the evening.

At one point, we had a derailment on the main of a thru freight engineered by Glenn moving at restricted speed. Must have been a drooping air hose, but it was enough to stop yard ops while a crane made its way from Upper Lubbock Yard. Jack sped over interrupted at the Forth Worth and Denver crossing at the Lower Lubbock Yard by a dropped coupler box. Fortunately the maintenance train had spares and workers quickly repaired the problem to allow the train to continue on to Slaton.

The work train with crane in tow finally arrived in Slaton, was deployed and returned the detailed car to the track. The thru freight was them free to continue on to Sweetwater and after a quick run around maneuver and a little help from me with the caboose, the mow train returned to Upper Lubbock Yard and I was free to complete my servicing of the industries in Slaton.

Even with the interruption, overall work was consistent and I finished comfortably and completely by the end of the evening.

During down times, I watched operators across the aisle below the benchwork I think this is Dr Bruce working as Lower Lubbock Yard crew where most of the drops and pickups happen in Lubbock. The Upper Yard is responsible for the local industry switching.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

New location

How would you model this?

Welcome to the new location for my thoughts on all things about model railroad design. I will be transferring the old content over to this location soon, and from now on will be posting in this space my ramblings and randoms ideas on how to pursue the design of model railroads.