Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More GN&P Photos

Taliesin on one of the three railroads on the layout. The narrow gauge Cisco and Taliesin runs down the middle aisle out into the expanded mountain room. Meaning 'shining brow' in Gaelic, this is the headquarters of the C&T and home to a yard, turntable and loading facilities. 
As promised, here are some more photos of Chuck Ellis' Great Northwestern and Pacific layout. Sorry about the quality - these are only snaps from a phone. We'll get in there and take some "real" pictures later on.

Dick Sowash gives me a tour of the structures he has put together in Taliesin. Dick is a really great modeler, and he has spent the last couple of years populating Taliesin and Great Falls.

An overhead shot of Taliesin. 
Don't look at the 3rd floor balcony of Judy's Bed and Breakfast.

Water tower and coal shute. 
We need about 14 more stalls added on to the roundhouse.

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