Friday, May 17, 2024

MiniMe in G

 MiniMe in G

Two years ago at the Amherst show, I was scanned by the Bernard of miniprints. I have since ordered HO and N from him, but he doesn't print G scale - I think because the print time is out of sync with his production of the smaller scales. So I sent off my rescaled model to Shapeways who has been my 3D printer of choice since 2012! 

I chose extra fine detail clear, and got a warning that a wall was too thin on the stack of waybills I'm holding. I said to print away - a new feature they have - and it came out just fine. It's even a little better because there is some roll to the paper. The resolution is fine enough to see my bald spot. They were $19 each, and I got several for family distribution.

I can see this becoming yet another side quest in the hobby. Scanners are good and getting less expensive all the time as are printers, so modeling specific figures at home for your layout is possible. Acquiring clothing, tools, and equipment is another reason to buy things, and doing the research on all of that is yet another aspect to add to the long list of things to do in the hobby!

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